West Desert Adventure!

It’s a long trip for a single day so think about breaking it into two days. Gas is limited so bring an extra gas tank just in case. It will make your trip more enjoyable if you’re not worried about running out of gas. Set out on the Pony Express Back Country Road south of Tooele just before the town of Vernon. Go over Lookout Pass and keep heading West. There are plenty of camping opprtunities in any number of locations so research in advance where you want to stop. Bring plenty of food because you won’t find a Wal-Mart out here. To contact the Bates Ranch for tours of Crystal Ball Cave or to camp at the ranch just call Gerald Bates at 435-693-3145. He doesn’t charge for camping and tours but tips are generously accepted. One of the features of the area we didn't cover in the show but will be focusing on later is Crystal Ball Cave, which is also a part of the ranch. this is an amazing underground experience where Gerald will actually take you on a tour of the cave system, which is one of the most beautiful and pristine in the West. He will also take replica Omega Seamaster replica christian louboutin men shoes you to the spring as well as Granite Canyon. The spring also has a cave you can swim into, but be careful since you may have to go under water to get to it depending on where you're entering. This is an epic adventure and your family will love it.

To watch the video of the West Desert Adventure Click Here.

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